Pure Storage has released what it described as “new data resilience offerings” that include Pure Protect//DRaaS, which it said is targeted at VMware sites and is designed to reduce complexity, cost, recovery time, and business disruption in the wake of disasters and cyber disruptions.

Also launched were scalable storage services powered by artificial intelligence (AI) via its Pure1 management platform, and a commitment to “pay its customers’ power and rack space costs for the Evergreen/One Storage as-a-Service (StaaS) and Evergreen//Flex subscriptions.”

Details of exactly how the purchase plan will work was contained in a statement released today from Pure Storage, which said the company will “pay for its customers’ power and rack space through an Evergreen//One Storage as-a-Service (STaaS) and Evergreen//Flex subscription to take responsibility for the associated costs of power and rack unit to run our offerings. The one-time, upfront payment can be made directly as cash or via service credits, is based on kilowatt per hour (kWh) and Rack Unit (RU) fixed rates, and is proportional to the customer’s geographic location and contract size.”

Scott Sinclair, practice director at Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), said that today, “business success goes hand-in-hand with environmental responsibility. The introduction of a Paid Power and Rack commitment stretches the limits of innovation in the antiquated enterprise storage market.

“The latest Evergreen enhancements successfully balance enterprise requirements to make progress toward achieving critical ESG and net zero goals using incentives, while establishing peace of mind when it comes to data loss.”

The release of the new DRaaS comes at a time, Pure Storage said, when “devastating ransomware attacks and the increasing frequency of natural disasters are upending business continuity more often each day. While many organizations recognize the importance of a disaster recovery (DR) plan, current DR solutions on the market are complex, expensive, and disruptive.

“Likewise, the current energy crisis, new environmental regulations, and ethical imperatives to improve corporate sustainability have led companies to set ambitious net-zero goals, but reckoning with the typical data centre’s power demands has remained challenging. And with digitization at scale and data proliferation and fragmentation, end-to-end operations management further aggravates the skill and budget shortages for IT.”

Pure Protect/DRaaS is a consumption-based platform that a release said provides organizations with the following: “Clean environments with multiple restore points to recover clean copies of  their on-premises vSphere data to native AWS EC2, no matter what underlying storage infrastructure it is, while ensuring data centres remain isolated for investigation.”

A company blog states, “traditionally, disaster recovery methods have involved secondary data centres with full racks of gear, which can drain your budget, or infrastructure that is rarely used but still requires maintenance and upkeep. Some have turned to the cloud for an all-in model or hybrid for their disaster recovery.

“This can also prove to be a significant expense and a complicated task, as cloud resources are always on and readily available. The expenses associated with this can quickly escalate beyond the budgeted limits.”

New storage services include:

Asset Management and Genealogy: Allows customers and Pure Storage to jointly optimize labour costs to run and operate storage. Customers get full transparency to manage Evergreen assets, contracts, subscriptions, and lifecycle, and get visibility into capacity, energy, and rack space usage.
Policy-driven Upgrades: The release states that they “take the guesswork out of choosing the right Purity release and simplify fleet management.” They also “help customers strike the right balance between frequent upgrades and maintaining a secure and supported storage environment based on their organization’s goals.”

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